Made in Italy,  what does it mean?

Let's break the stereotypes, the early 20th century trivialization of the typical spaghetti-mandolin Italian, but also the 1980's identifications of the beautiful country, fashion and designer labels.

Mind you: in Italy spaghetti means home and Italian elegance is a model in the world, but there is much more to it. Italy part of the G8, Italy an industrial power? This is also an aspect to be considered.

If the national heavy industry is undergoing a revival (the "Fiat case" is a subject of study in European universities), the network of healthy small and medium industries, often family-run, which continue to effectively support the fortunes of the national economy, does not make news



People should be made aware of the fundamental values which the small-medium industry represent: work, culture, research, environmental protection, support for sport and sponsorship of other local socially useful activities.

And often, it is these same realities that hold high the banner of the mix of taste, talent, attention to detail and the best traditions which are internationally known as Italian lifestyle.

CB, in its small way, is one example of this.


That Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world is well known.

That everyday life often leads to eating out or to buy prepared foods is also well known.

What is evident, however, is that we have not surrendered to the widespread of junk food: Italy is still a land of restaurants, small restaurants, eateries and takeaways where you can find tasty and healthy food, also reasonably priced.

Our products are devoted to these businesses, through a broad offer of supplies for catering activities including community cookers, electric ovens for bakeries, rotisseries, grills and much more.


My father, Pietro Colombo, founded this company with passion; now, we carry on with the same passion and the same commitment, always careful to combine innovation and culinary tradition.

Always ready to discuss matters with our customers, always open to suggestions and to meet specific requests.

CB is our life, not only our profession. Even this, after all, is an aspect of the Made in Italy philosophy.

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