electric convection ovens

If there is a means of cooking that virtually unites all the peoples of the earth, this is the oven.

From bread to meat, fish and vegetables, ovens give us all kinds of delicacies, sweet and savoury, cooking them in a healthy and simple way.

The first ovens in the Mediterranean basin of which there are traces date back to the Egyptians.

They were conical shaped structures made of clay bricks.

The top part where the food was cooked was separated from the bottom where the fire was lit; they used a stone slab as separation which absorbed the heat of the fire and transmitted it to the food.

 The Greeks inherited the art of building ovens from the ancient Egyptian civilization and perfected it by developing the domed ceiling; with this evolution, we lost the separation between combustion chamber and baking chamber , now united in a single compartment.

The Romans, in turn, learned the art of making bread from the Greeks.

It was a real food and culinary revolution which, thanks to Numa Pompilio, gave rise to the festivities called Fornacalia that were celebrated in the first fortnight of February in honour of Furnace - goddess akin to Vesta - guardian of the proper functioning of the bread oven.

Since then, many loaves of bread, many roasts and many fragrant cakes have been baked for centuries for the delight of gourmets!

And today's technology gives us a hand: electric convection ovens have been provided with grills to brown and toast and with humidifiers for keeping meat and fish tender.

Practically, it is almost impossible to go wrong when cooking!

Customers have the choice of electric ovens with manual timers and ovens with electronic cards.

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