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With pizza, Naples has been a model in the world based on two ingredients that are certainly not indigenous: mozzarella and tomato.

The first was the work of the Lombards who, after the fall of the Roman Empire, introduced buffalos in Lazio and Campania (mozzarella really originated from buffalo milk).

The latter was imported from Peru to Europe by Spanish colonists.

After initial distrust, tomatoes made their triumphal entrance in Italian cuisine and in particular, in Neapolitan cuisine.

The first pizza was the Marinara - tomatoes, garlic, oil and oregano.

Pizza Margherita was created in 1889 during the visit of the Savoys to Naples and the queen liked it so much that the pizza maker, Raffaele Esposito, was allowed to give her august name to this specialty rich in melted cheese.

From then on, it was a planetary triumph: you can eat pizza from New York to Beijing, from Sydney to Moscow.

Sure, maybe it's not the thin pizza with the crisp "border" of Neapolitan tradition but the thick and a bit rubbery one Americans like that can be enriched with all sorts of ingredients (cold cuts, pickles, vegetables, cheeses, even fruit!)... but it's still pizza and it always makes your heart skip a beat and a your mouth water.

Now that the myth of the wood-fired oven has eventually been downsized and that thanks to lava stone electric ovens the risk of charred pizza is practically zero, even the less experienced pizza chefs manage to serve a good, steaming and tasty pizza.

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