knife sterilisers

Whoever goes to exotic countries for their holidays often comes back with beautiful photos... and with not really positive descriptions of the hygiene standards in force.

For us citizens of the West, it is a well-known fact that cashiers must handle money while those handling food cannot touch it, that food is packaged in sterile, disposable containers and cutting tools are sterilised.

It was not always like this.

Those who are older than 50 will remember when milk was sold in bulk, poured into the bottles with ladles from an aluminium container ... the grocer who used to cut ham and then take the money directly... the large jars of pickles from which the quantity requested by the customer was taken.

In recent years, great improvements have been made: people are more informed and aware and hygiene standards are partly imposed by law - in particular by EU guidelines which endeavour to implement a comprehensive and integrated policy covering all food products, from production to consumption - and that most of all, are felt as a form of health protection by consumers.

Water type sterilisers and those with UVC lamps, for example, show how hygienist attention can now be comforted by simple gestures, with machines that enable rigorous disinfection in a short time.

At the CB company based in Bottanuco, near Bergamo, you can find everything you need for sterilising knives.

We produce and sell water immersion knife sterilisers, UVC lamp sterilisers with automatic and manual reset.

To see the products for sterilising knives, please visit our product showcase.

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