packaging machine sales

Let's go to the deli department of a good supermarket. In neatly aligned trays you can find grilled peppers, bright and cheerful with their contrasting yellow-red-green colours made shiny by a trickle of olive oil; rosy slices of English roast beef surrounded by tufts of white cabbage, carrots and steamed peas and next to it, some Vitello tonnato whose creamy sauce presses against the corner of the nylon food wrap and you would immediately want to open the packaging to taste a little...

One thing that is certain is that today's packaged foods are almost "exposed" in a mini personal showcase.

The stretched food wrap keeps the dust away, maintaining the necessary hygiene and the food seems even more inviting, wrapped in this transparent embrace.

What about vegetables and fruit? It is true that they cannot be considered exactly the same way as ready-cooked food, but it is undeniable that the "tray + food wrap" system created a revolution in these sectors, to the benefit of health ... and of an ideal display, ready to make your mouth water.

For this reason, CB in Bergamo offers its customers professional food packing machines.

Specialised in producing and selling equipment for the catering sector, the company is also specialised in marketing manual packaging machines, packaging stations and machines for cutting food wrap: to view the packaging machines available, please consult the product showcase.

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