vertical rotisserie manufacturing and sales

Those who still think that vertical rotisseries are something from Middle East countries, used by characters with mustaches and a fez, are very partial. Wake up, Italy is changing!

Our culinary reality is becoming more international.

And if doubts are raised by the spread of the American model - burgers, fries and Ketchup, so to speak, with all the fat - if Chinese and Japanese cuisines are so far from our palate to be good only for a different evening out but not for everyday, Gyros instead, have easily become part of our new eating habits.

We have always prepared rotisserie cooked meat and there is basically little difference between a spit that turns on itself vertically and one that rotates horizontally: it is in any case, a type of roast with moderate fat content, because the fat drips off.

Then, wrapped in thin flatbread with a few lettuce leaves, sliced ​​tomatoes, a bit of onion and white yogurt or red, spicy sauces for those who like them, Gyros become a full meal, reviving their exotic origin.

CB makes electric and gas vertical rotisseries of various sizes, electric knives to "shave" the browned roast and, as always, guarantees assistance on its products.

However, now it can do even more.

It can facilitate contact with Italian meat suppliers: those who supply the sliced ​​meat already skewered and compacted around the spits, prepared, seasoned, ready-to-cook and serve.

To learn about the types of vertical rotisseries for sale view the showcase.

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