Vienna sausage cooking machine

What was said about Gyros a few pages back is exactly the same for Vienna sausages that are no longer confined to traditional South Tyrol cuisine but have boldly conquered all our beautiful country, from the Alps to Mount Etna.

And with good reason, of course: because these sausages are fun, accompanied by a nice glass of beer and a curl of mustard or ketchup, or even by steaming sauerkraut for those who are more traditionalist.

About the name: dogs have nothing to do with it at all; the "Dog" in question is the spike fastening rails to the railway sleepers; it seems that the name comes from the idea of ​​a railwayman who cleaned one and heated it for using it to heat the bread from inside; this method was soon imitated by a host of sausage vendors.

There are sausages made only with pork, beef and pork ones, veal ones and now even dietary ones made with chicken and turkey ... Steamed or sautéed? Your customers can choose.

The Hot Dog is ready in an instant, more appetizing than ever.


CB, offers its clients machines for cooking hotdogs, steam sausage heaters, bread toasters sausage roller grills, to see all the products available, please visit our product showcase.


Brochettes, Broquetas, kebab... skewers, in short, the solution for a quick and tasty dinner in the garden or on the terrace, for outdoor kiosks or for parties.

The cooking time allows to socialize, liven up people and create pleasant excitement.

Whether you personally cook your own skewer or you just check its browning, you get involved and the aroma of meat sizzling on the heat whets your appetite ...

skewer cutters

To be cooked perfectly, skewers must be regular and compact: like those obtainable

thanks to our tool with parallel slots which allows you to alternate layers of meat and vegetables, slices of bacon, herbs and anything that can make them tasty. A simple and ingenious tool, indispensable in a butcher's shop and in a grill restaurant.

For snack bars, delis and restaurants, there is also a motorised skewer rotisserie, that roasts 20 skewers at a time, all equally appetizing.

CB Srl, produces skewer cutters, roasted lamb skewer cuttersprofessional skewer rotisseries.

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